Work smarter, save time and achieve your goals with our advanced, global satellite tracking service, with blended tracking technology and interactive tools and layers.

The tracking platform offers near real-time data, actionable intelligence and global visibility needed to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance.

By combining reliable position reporting and detailed maps with accurate zones, up-to-date weather layers, interactive tools and an intuitive mobile-responsive user interface, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements.

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Key Benefits

  • Free yourself from the office with our responsive web-application
  • Improve planning and response with interactive tools
  • Increase efficiency with powerful reports and automated event notifications
  • Simplify compliance with instant-access reports
  • Improve fleet and vessel risk avoidance notified by email or SMS when a ship enters high-risk or ECA zone.


Situational awareness

Ensuring the safety and security of your fleet requires a near real-time picture of where your ships are in relation to security threats, risks and regulatory zones. We provide this by combining reliable position reporting, up-to-date maps, zones and weather forecasts as well as interactive tools.

Actionable intelligence

When you need to make decisions fast, you need insights and intelligence that enable you to take action. With on-demand polling, automatic zone alerts, near real-time cyclone data and weather forecasts, you get fleet-wide intelligence, allowing you to meet ETAs or avoid high-risk areas.

Improved planning

Assess risk. Become more proactive. Improve performance. These are all benefits of effective planning. The tracking platform offers interactive tools & event notifications, so you can assess immediate and long-term risks and threats to your fleet and plan your responses accordingly.

Compliance reporting and evidence

With the custom report engine, you can create, save and share ship movement reports for use in arbitration or as evidence of compliance with conditions of insurance, sanctions regulations, environmental obligations or conservation measures.

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