Inmarsat C equipment already installed on the majority of vessels is frequently used for LRIT compliance. Dedicated terminals based on Inmarsat M2M and Iridium can also be used.

For maximum performance or where the existing onboard equipment is not suitable or a stand-alone LRIT solution is required, Aeoliki Marine recommends the installation of a dedicated LRIT terminal.

Our LRIT equipment packages includes the following recommended hardware:


The Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 6130 is based around a self-contained and sealed Inmarsat mini-C terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver. Approved for use in areas A1 to A3. This design approach has proven to be rugged and reliable regardless of vessel type and even under the most adverse conditions. For further information click here to view brochure.

Fully compliant with IMO regulations on Long Range Identification and Tracking and is the leading terminal for integration of Iridium terminals in LRIT systems on the market. Provides complete coverage system for all sea areas including polar sea areas above 70 degree latitude. Approved for use in areas A1 to A4.

SIRIUS 1 terminals transmits Automatic Position Reports (APR) using Iridium’s efficient and cost effective Short Burst Data (SBD) service. For further information, click here to view brochure.


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