Our cooperation with oil majors such as Shell Marine, ExxonMobil Marine, Castrol Marine & Total Marine assures security of supply when needed and COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in the integrity of the product supplied to your vessel.

A global supply chain of many lubricant blending plants, covering in excess of 500 ports, ensures all main products are readily available. Technical Services such as Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) & feed-rate optimisation programmes, help you monitor your machinery & maximise the value of the used marine lubricants.

Key Benefits:

Our portfolio includes the following products:

  • Cylinder Oils – Crosshead Engines: Castrol Cyltech, Shell Alexia, Chevron Taro Special, Mobilgard, Total Talusia
  • Crankcase Oils- Crosshead Engines: Shell Melina, Chevron Veritas 800 Marine, Castrol CDX, Mobilgard, Total Atlanta Marine D
  • Trunk Piston Medium Speed Engine Oils: Chevron Delo 1000 Marine, Castrol TLX Plus, Castrol Tection DD, Shell Gadinia, Shell Argina T, Shell Argina S, Shell Argina X, Mobilgard M, Mobilgard ADL, Total Aurelia TI, Total Disola M
  • Four Stroke Spark-Ignition Gas Engines: Shell Mysella S3 N 40
  • Marine Engine Oils: Castrol Tection, Shell Rimula R, Shell Rotella DD+, Shell Sirius X, Mobil Delvac, Total Disola DD, Disola MT, Disola W, Chevron Ursa Marine
  • Hydraulic Oils: Castrol Hyspin AWH-M, Shell Tellus T, Chevron Rando HDZ, Shell Tellus S2 V, Mobil DTE 10 Excel, Mobil SHC, Mobil EAL, Total Visga, Biohydran TMP, Clarity Synthetic AW
  • Gear Oils: Castrol Alphasyn HG, PG, Castrol Alpha SP, Shell Omala, Shell Omala S2 G, Shell Omala HD, Chevron Meropa, Shell Omala S4 GX, Mobilgear 600 XP, Mobil DTE, Mobil Vacuoline 500, Epona Z, Carter Bio
  • Bearings and Circulation Systems: Shell Morlina S2 B, Shell Morlina S4 B
  • Air Compressor Oils: Castrol Aircol, Castrol Aircol SR, Castrol Aircol PD, Chevron Cetus DE100, Shell Corena S2 P, Shell Corena S4 R, Mobil Rarus, Mobil Rarus SHC, Gargoyle Arctic SHC, Mobil Zerice S, Total Dacnis
  • Gas Compressor Oils: Castrol Aircol PG, Shell Madrela T, Chevron LPG Compressor oil, Primeria LPG
  • Refrigeration Compressor Oils: Shell Clavus, Clavus AB, Clavus R, Chevron Capella WF68, Castrol Icematic & SW, Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-F & S4 FR-V, Gargoyle Arctic Oil, Lunaria FR, Barelf AL, Planetelf ACD
  • Turbine Oils: Chevron Regal, Castrol Perfecto T, Shell Turbo T, Mobil Rarus SHC, Total Barelf CH, Preslia
  • Stern tube oils: Castrol Coral 2 Coral D, Shell Strombus HS, Shell Strombus MP, Mobil SHC Aware ST, Total Bioneptan HT
  • Heat Transfer Fluids: Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2, Mobiltherm, Seriola ETA
  • Greases: Shell Alvania R2 & EP2, Shell Stamina, Shell Albida, Chevron Multifak, Texclad, Molytex, Castrol Spheerol & LMX, Shell Gadus S2 & S3, Mobilgrease XHP, Mobil SHC, Mobilith SHC, Bioadhesive Plus, Biomultis EP, Ceran AD, Multis EP
  • Wire Ropes: Mobilarma, Shell Naturelle S2
  • Open Gears: Mobiltac 375 NC

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