As a leader of Satellite Communications, we offer a wide portfolio of solutions for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT communications at a competitive cost with packages tailored to suit your needs.

Service activation defines the formal process of registering and activating a new or modified Inmarsat terminal, also known as a mobile earth station, for service on the Inmarsat network. The range of services include transfers and terminal deactivations.

We offer the complete range of Point Service Activation (PSA) services, e.g. Activation, Deactivation, Flag and vessel name change, etc.

Registration for service activation

Use this form for registration of a satellite communication terminals for use on the Inmarsat network.
» Maritime Service Activation Registration Form

Once completed, sign it (at section 8 and article 7), and send it back to us along with a copy of the vessel’s current Radio License.

Accounting Authority service (AAIC)

In accordance with the ITU radio regulations, it is necessary for each ship station to have an internationally recognized accounting authority. All maritime communications traffic must be prefixed with the officially recognized accounting authority identification code (known as an AAIC) for the accounting authority responsible for the settlement of their radio accounts.

We provide tailor made customized solutions, complete administration, accounting and consultancy services for marine (Ship to Shore), offshore (shore to ship), and land based satellite and HF/VHF communications. Customers also benefit from choosing any satellite communication station for their communication and guarantee global connectivity and quality service.

We have in place contracts for airtime and service agreements with all major Land Earth Station with bulk volume discounted rates, crew calling and hardware packages.

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