As a leader of Satellite Communications, we offer a wide portfolio of solutions for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT communications at a competitive cost with packages tailored to suit your needs.

We deliver reliable Voice & VOIP and high-speed data communication (email) services at sea, based on IP technology (internet services).

Growing commercial demands in highly competitive environment require vessels and ship managers to run tight schedules and budgets. Our maritime services deliver the voice and data connectivity you need to maximise operational efficiency - no matter where your ships are sailing.

Our always-available mobile voice and broadband data services can help shipping companies run a more efficient and cost-effective operation - saving fuel, time and money.

With Fleet Broadband and VSAT, masters and superintendents can stay in constant touch with head office, clients and ports. They can transmit estimated times of arrival and departure so schedules can be kept up to date, order supplies en-route and send cargo reports back to HQ.

Crew documentation, such as customs and immigration information and other port and regulatory reports can be dealt with ahead of arrival, using quick and reliable internet access or fax. Masters can also log-on securely to their company intranet or take part in video conferences with their head office.

On land, ship management companies can track their assets and monitor equipment remotely, alerting on-shore experts to any problems and using services to help prevent situations where defective machinery causes delays or wastes money.

Our product portfolio spans across the following sectors:

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